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Life Demands & Saving Your Relationship: Work-Life Balance Issue


One of the most important elements of a healthy work environment is a work-life balance. Work-life balance helps prevent burnout and stress. According to a recent study, chronic stress is one of the health problems in workplaces today. It is directly linked to digestive problems, hypertension, heart problems, and chronic aches. Unfortunately, most Americans sacrifice their personal lives in an effort to move ahead. This explains why only 30 percent of employees are content with their work-life balance.

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Long Hours At Work May Ruin Your Relationship

Most people strive to balance their work and personal lifeadeptly every day. Some are more successful at it than others. By spending most of your time at work, you may be unintentionally hurting your partner. The hurt can gradually lead to anger. Although all relationships are different, a work-life imbalance can put a strain on even the healthiest of relationships.

3 Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Set Boundaries

Although career-oriented couples enjoy working, setting boundaries will allow you to enjoy each other. Whether it’s how often you work from home or the time you leave the office, ensure that you always communicate. Create simple rules. For instance, vow thatyou won’t check your phone after 7:00 pm.

Take Vacations Together

In case you have been daydreaming about a romantic getaway with your partner, now may be the time to stop fantasizing and to actually plan. You need a break from your work, and a vacation with your partner will help you cultivate those feelings of enjoyment, fun, and love for your partner.

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Make The Time

If your work is very demanding, it may seem as thoughyou never have enough time to spend with your partner. But you can easily create time to relax, talk and even pamper your partner. All you need is just one hour per week. Therefore, try to carve out some time from your schedule just for spending with your partner.

Consider Couples Counseling

Balancing between work, your partner’s’ happiness and the family needs can be challenging. Sometimes you may feel as though you can’t hold everything together without one piece falling. With so many responsibilities, including household chores, work demands, children, and other personal commitments, your partner may start feeling abandoned. This may cause them to start acting out and you may start feeling distanced.

Marriage therapy can be of great help. Marriage counseling sessions will help boost communication and increase your ability to balance between work and home. If your relationship is on the line, talking to a counselor may help your relationship to recover.

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