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6 Ways To Handle Your Teen’s Dramatic Or Manipulative Behavior


It is virtually no news that teenagers love to rebel against their parents or older ones at this (teenage) age.

Also, they experiment with several things and make the poor decisions in most cases due to lack of experience, or peer pressure from their group or friends.

How then as a parent or guardian can you handle this trickish character?

What are the requirements to overturn the situation analytically into a win-win?

Have you ever considered their feelings while seeking for solutions?

Well, I believe you have tried many ways and applied quite a few principles. Notwithstanding, I will like to introduce you to this unique method of dealing with your teen’s dramatic and manipulative behavior.

The 6 Ways of dealing with teen’s spectacular and manipulative behavior

  • Take them seriously
  • Know their friends
  • Be involved in their extracurricular activities
  • Education
  • Get help as quick as possible
  • Show love

1. Take Them Seriously

This stage is a remarkable time in the life of a child. It is a period where they learn to explore all areas like alcoholism, smoking, drugs, parties, to name but a few.

However, many teens at this age pose a threat of suicide because they may feel no one can understand their pain or hurt. They feel alone, scared and anxious. Not to mention, other things might be changing around them like their parents’ relationship, financial issues, illnesses in the family, deaths, and problems with friends, etc.

Though, suicidal thoughts and threat may erupt with teenagers verbally declaring it to their parents. It should not linger as mere talk, but adequate action should be used to quell the hate or anger ranging in the life of the teen.

2. Know Their Friends

Every parent, teacher, and guardian should deem it fit to see that they know and build a stronger relationship with their kid(s) and friends.

Teachers should be able to see through their pupil and work with parents in promoting the cordial relationship, and strategies in combating dramatic or manipulative behavior noticed from the company they keep.

Unfortunately, most parents resort to shouting and punishing the teenager. My advice is that you desist from such activities as it will propel them to greater dramatic uncontrollable attitude.

Therefore, it is paramount that you take time to invite his or her friends over to the house and give them space while you monitor their activities. Also, build a relationship with the parents of his or her friend to keep close contact and together keep them in check.

More also, the moment you realize an adverse rebellious change in your ward, you should first respect their decision and find common ground by explaining why it is wrong as well as the dangers of their actions.

3. Be Involved In Their Extra Curricular Activities

It will please you to know that from my experience as a therapist, I have witnessed cases of children’s tantrums only because they need attention.

Always find time for your teen as it will help prevent casualties. Be involved in their extracurricular activities and assist them in meeting and making new friends from different sporting activities. Help him or her build a fantastic social character.

As a parent, your involvement in their business helps boost their confidence. Moreover, being a supportive parent does not only stop the manipulative behavior but helps your children confide in you on matters that bother them.

4. Education

“Education is the best legacy.” Yet, so many parents struggle in this regard.

Remember when we did wrong during our time as teenagers and how our parents not only punish us but explain why? Or how it felt when you got punished but never explained why? Today, many parents struggle to find the time to teach morals to their children, which have led to so many misbehaviors in teenagers.


As parents and guardian, you need to avoid the lackadaisical attitude and take full responsibility as the grown-up. Teach your kids proper approach and ethical standards.

Likewise, you should lead by example as you are a role model to your children.

5. Get Help As Quick As Possible

In handling your teen’s dramatic or manipulative behavior in certain situations, you need the help of a professional therapist or counselor.

There are instances where teenagers are not comfortable telling what they feel to their parents or older ones, but find it easier to confide and communicate with a third party (neutral person).

It is advisable for parents to help their teens take control of themselves before they lose it totally by involving a professional therapist. Because you want your teenager to develop healthier coping skills that will help them into their adulthood.

6. Show Love

Loving your teen is not just giving attention and affection by being involved in the activities and goals of their life.

In fact, love is more than that as it is the most effective and efficient tool required to handle your teen’s dramatic attitude.

The power of love and the supportive attitude helps bridge the gap of their friend’s dominance over you as they learn to trust you than the negative influence of their peers on them.

My advice to you as parents is not only applying the six listed strategies above in handling your teen’s dramatic or manipulative behavior but that you be supportive, vigilant and understand how they feel.

Finally, should you find it hard to cope, do not fret, consult a professional counselor or therapist to ease the stress, burdens and enlighten you on how best to win him or her back from the destructive path.

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