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9 Mood-Boosting Ways To Cope With Negative Impact Of Covid-19


During this global pandemic, most people are feeling stressed and dealing with many worries. How can we care for ourselves if we are consumed by the daily news on the coronavirus crisis and its effects on our health, our jobs, our families, our communities, our country, and our global economy?

It’s crucial more than ever to learn how to cope with being at home and avoiding public settings unless necessary. If you feel you need professional help, we offer therapy for depression and anxiety for children and adults for more support. Here are more ways to recharge at home and prioritize you and your family’s mental wellbeing.

Create A Routine

Sleep deprivation not only affects your mood but your overall health. A study has found that a lack of sleep can increase your possibility of chronic disorders as you age. A routine of waking up and going to bed at the same times helps lessen your anxiety and help you adjust to today’s life quickly. Getting your circadian rhythm back on track can boost your mood.

Go Outside To Get Some Fresh Air

Going outside for at least half an hour to an hour daily in your backyard, local park or trail is beneficial for your health. Part of the reason why it is now important is because of the hit of Vitamin D from the sun that may improve your immune system. Make it a daily habit to get some fresh air and boost your mood by taking an early morning or evening walk.

Cook Healthy Meals

What we choose to put in our bodies can influence overall mood and wellbeing. Buy more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins than processed and high-sugar food and drinks on your next grocery store visit. There is no better time than now to discover new recipes and have your children help you cook them.

Limit Your Alcohol And Drug Intake

It is natural to feel stressed and anxious at this time, and they are not bad feelings. But do not rely solely on alcohol or use drugs to cope with them. Instead, limit your time reading the news and focus on other activities you can control. Drink water and practice breathwork and meditation to help you take each day as it comes.

Take Breaks From Technology To Avoid Digital Addiction

Technology has made our lives easier and better connected with one another, but it can be dangerous and addictive if not used meaningfully. Spend more time on screen-free activities such as playing with your children, listening to audiobooks, or finally catching up with books long forgotten on your nightstand.

Find More Ways To Have Fun With Your Family

When you want to spend time with your family, it can be challenging to not go out for any outside activities. Brainstorm new activities with your family and see what ideas your children may have. While you may be staying home together more than before, you can create new memories that your children will treasure forever.

Make New Habits With Your Family

Taking care of yourself does not entirely mean lounging around the house. Use this time to color, draw, dance, or read a new book with your family. You can even take family-friendly online classes so you can learn something new altogether.

Maintain Connections With Your Extended Family And Friends

Make time to socialize over video calls with other relatives and friends. If you are looking for activities to do together, you can start a virtual support group or a book club, watch a Netflix movie together, or organize a virtual party or happy hour together. We may be staying away from one another, but we do not have to feel alone.

Join Online Support Groups, Events, And Forums

Cultivating a community is crucial for your health, even if you consider yourself an introvert. There are many online forums, support groups, networking lunches, coffee hangouts, and co-working spaces for people to connect and work together. Try to reach out to those who may feel the loneliest and the most anxious.

This time has presented us with many unprecedented challenges not seen before. It is up to us to create more time for joy and peace in our lives as we do our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit our Depression Counseling page or call 919-647-4600.

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