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Learning To Manage Your ADHD Without Becoming Dependent On The Psychotropic Meds


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is known to man as a neurological disorder which is most likely to occur as a result of genetics.

Many individuals are prescribed medication for ADHD, but may also worry about side effects and dependency or abuse issues related to ADHD meds. Often adults and parents want drug free treatment option for ADHD. Concisely, one of the most effective ways of healing is through counseling or psychotherapy.

  • Are you jumping too quickly toward psychotropic meds for ADHD?
  • My answer is that you weigh other options before making your final decision.
  • What are other methods available for treating ADHD symptoms?

Let’s take a look at a few symptoms of ADHD first. However, kindly remember that hyperactivity disorder can also be as a result of social, environment, dietary et cetera.

The Symptoms of ADHD

  1. Inconsistent in activities
  2. Acting before thinking
  3. Disrupting people’s conversation
  4. Disorganized
  5. Uncomfortable
  6. Loss of sleep
  7. Fidgeting
  8. Forgetfulness
  9. Easily distracted
  10. Loss of attention

Having identified the signs in both children and adults; it is vital to note that there is no cure, but a means to correct the deficit until proven otherwise by a scientist.

These treatments apart from psychological meds are highlighted below as follows:

  • Change in Lifestyle
  • Counseling
  • Modification of character
  • Medical combination

Also, I will be dwelling my focus on Counseling and therapy as a significant mode of overpowering ADHD.

Why Counseling?

Counseling sells better any day any time because it poses no threat or danger to life. In fact, there are minimal side effects of any kind.

The program deals and tries as much as possible to diagnose the trigger, problem and solve it amicably with proper guidance, support, and education.

A therapist is vast in knowledge and helps the family understand how best to excel in the situation.

Having identified the root; a therapist introduces channels that are beneficial to relatives, friends or parents to enlighten and build their strength as well as support for the patient or child.

A therapist is much more concerned about the individual or child as their delight is seeing the client getting better with the best single or combined method which depends on the seriousness of the situation.

What Makes A Counselor Or Therapist Unique?

A counselor or therapist is invested not only in the client but also understanding family history. A therapist does not jump to conclusion but thoroughly evaluated the situation to rule out any other factors causing hyperactivity or other symptoms. Your counselor will involve you in treatment development. Some of the selected techniques, therapist or counselor use in treating cases of ADHD is explained below, to help make the difference.

Procedures For Treatment

1. The use of Visual displayed images: Counselors and therapist deals with their attention and ability to focus on the use of visually impaired images.

ADHD clients loses concentration and balance easily. To help them adjust, creativity and pictures are used to steer up their sense of touch and sight.

Applying this method yields results in attracting undivided attention and far more better than stimulating drugs that might cause much harm than good.

2. Outdoor Activities: One amongst the best ways of helping your child or loved one concentrate is by exposure to the natural scenery of nature.

Apparently, doing this simple task of spending quality time together with him or her outside the house helps stimulate and sharpen the mind. It builds his or her concentration, permanently to the fullest.

3. Active participation in aerobic activities: Dealing with hyperactivity is not always satisfied with drugs neither is it advisable when there is a better option.

Having that child involved in yoga or Tai Chi classes will improve and relax his or her mind.

Aerobics is one sport that not only helps restore proper respiration process but increases self-control and confidence.

4. Managing Meals: Allergies pioneer most ADHD. Therefore, it is important that parents try as much as possible to sense what food triggers the reaction.

However, many nutritionists suggest avoiding salicylate foods like apples, grapes, peaches, plums, as well as chemically processed meal such as dry cakes, potato chips, chocolate et cetera. Likewise, vitamins in proportion with other nutrients like iron, zinc and the rest of them are crucial for proper body management and functioning.

5. The use of brain training program: The Electro Encephalo Graphic (EEG) biofeedback is one efficient and promising healing process for Neurotherapy that calculates waves in the brain.

Eventually, the EEG builds a child’s concentration and communication skills by using what he or she loves. An example is the use of video games to steady his focus strength.

More also, as adults with ADHD, it is better you allow and educate those that surround you for better understanding.

Shying away from the truth will bring about negligence on your path which will only make matters worse because no one will always remind and keep you in check.

What Should I Do As A Parent?

Furthermore, as parents, create a routine for the child as well as body massage to keep him relaxed, and body system functions with real quality time sleep.

adhd therapist

Also, help reduce the influence of gadgets like phone, laptop, games et cetera by interchanging them so as not to make his or her life miserable in the long run.

Now, what do you practically prefer for your love one between psychological meds and other options?

I believe you will make the right decision. As far as am concerned, counseling or therapy remains the best choice.

For more information or to schedule an appointment online, please visit our ADHD Treatment page or call us at 919-647-4600.

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