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7 Healing Tips For PTSD


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). How can one manage PTSD symptoms?

PTSD symptoms can wreak havoc on families. Many homes have not recovered from the shock, and on the other hand, some relatives and friends are still finding it hard to deal with the new development.


Although quite some people conceal and carry the burden alone without telling anyone, a few find it hard to share because no one wants or would listen to them.

Like I said earlier, victims’ of crime & their families often wonder how can one overcome PTSD symptoms?

The answers are numerous. However, I will explain in brief, seven (7) healing process for this ailment.

The 7 Healing Process For PTSD

1. The first important aspect of healing is for the person involved to accept the fact that he or she is experiencing the symptoms. This will open up a path in the neuron for the healing process to take place.

2. Accepting the fact that one might be experiencing PTSD symptoms is good, but talking about it is another thing. For effective healing to take place, one must be willing to share.

As often said, a problem shared is a problem half solved. Talk therapy is the commonest PTSD treatment there is.

Apparently, there is two major talk therapy procedures which are:

A. Individual Talk Therapy

B. Group Talk Therapy

Individual talk therapy deals with the person and a counselor or therapist. It is a one on one conversational therapy.

Group talk therapy deals with more than one person coming together to share with one another as the name connote. This set of the group can be either family, work or experienced traumatic survivors.

3. To be free from depression and anxiety attack that tags along with PTSD, one needs to face the problem heads on.

How is it possible? Can the flashbacks, pains, agitation, suicidal thoughts and the rest of them go away just like that?

In my opinion and experience in the field, I will say a big YES! Getting past this stage in PTSD require treatment beyond mere words. It requires a considerable amount of exposure desensitized therapy. An example of such treatment is the use of EFT, EMDR et cetera.

4. In as much as one revisits the incident so as to come out of the shadows it has created with the help of a good understanding therapist, one needs to upgrade his or her thought positively.

More so, accepting the past and being in control of your life is important. The moment one realizes that and looks forward to change, the better things will turn out in the long run.

5. One other way of triumphing over PTSD is by welcoming change in routines and getting involved in different activities that motivate an individual.

Most likely, he or she will feel negative urges. It will seem a hoax and just impossible a task to accomplish. However, isolation is not advisable. One just needs to uphold the process and release his or herself from the comfort zone.

6. Taking time to exercise and attending functions will help bridge the gap with time. Exercise is a remarkable natural cure for the quick recovery of persons with PTSD.

Fortunately, there have been talks and recommendations from different experts on the use of exercise as a means of therapy, because of the positive results that have emerged from the procedure.

Also, it is important to note that while some prefer meditation like yoga as a means of ejecting stress and anxiety attack, some love simple cardio workout with cool music.

7. Believing and being patient with the healing process helps much more than one can ever imagine.

With that being said, one needs to know that recovery doesn’t happen automatically as it depends on the individual and the kind of PTSD he or she is suffering from.

However, the results will be visible as time passes with a closer look. Things that triggered and bothered the individual will gradually fade away.

Eventually, old emotions will find its way back into his or her life, and the mind will match the body. The lingering fear will no longer have an effect on the personal emotions.

Ask yourself this simple question: Do I want to overcome PTSD symptoms?

If your answer is yes, the procedures mentioned above will work efficiently for you if strictly followed.

In conclusion, it is advisable to eat healthily. Having a healthy diet and exercising the body will boost recovery.

I will strongly suggest that one should hire a professional counselor or therapist to guide him or her through the entire healing process.

Like the third law of motion which states – To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. PTSD is a killer disease and should be handled with utmost care.

In respect to the third law of motion, PTSD is curable. All you need do is have faith not only in yourself but your therapist as well and allow the process take its full course.

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