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7 Activities That Can Be Therapeutic For You & Your Family To Bring Everyone Closer


The world as we know it is becoming an increasingly more hectic place. From adults to children, everything is fast-paced, and everyone is running around daily, schedules packed to the brim with meetings, homework, and extracurricular activities. With every member of the family always on the move, it can be difficult to create time when the whole family can come together and spend some quality time with one another.

Here’s the problem, as a concerned parent who is trying to bring everyone in the family closer, even when you have tried to create an opportunity for that, it always turns out to be either too tense or too boring. Well, if this describes what you’re currently going through then you need to find a way to stop it now, and in this article, I have listed a few activities that cannot only be therapeutic for you but can also bring everyone in your family closer.

Indeed finding a fun or unique activity to do together as a family can be difficult but here’s a list that’ll sure do the magic:

1. Eat Dinner Together As A Family

Eating dinner at a table together have for many centuries been a great way of promoting unity amongst its diners. Making this a family routine has proven to be an effective way of drawing everyone closer. Of course, conflicting schedules always try to ruin this routine, but the idea here is that as a family, you should aim at practicing this activity at least once or twice a week.

You can make dinner a mini-event where everyone is involved one a way or the other.

2. Making Cooking A Team Effort

We all know or can already imagine how fun this can be. By cooking together, first, you help grow your kids to more adventurous eaters as you allow them make up recipes – this is an excellent way to also turn the kitchen into a fun house. Yes, at first the dishes may not be good, but soon enough they’ll figure out which food go well together.

You can also teach them how to cook, the family recipes can also be taught or better still you can all create new ones together.

3. Have A Movie Night Or Game Night

I believe that a family who plays together stays together. Find out what game your kids will love to play, pick a night and have some fun. You may be surprised at how much fun you’ll find yourself having at the end of the day. Do the same with the movies. Here you could also share some of your favorite childhood movies with them. Some nights you can opt for the new releases in the theater, and make your movie night into a family outing.

4. Go Camping With The Kids


Kids are always excited about outdoor activities and sometimes exploring nature through some kind of adventure or camping trip has a way of pulling everyone in the family closer together. Make the camping fun with nice activities like a scavenger hunt, etc. and give yourself some funny and amazing stories to talk about when you return. If you’re not into the whole packing, planning, and adventure, you can first try it out in your backyard maybe for a night – you’ll love it.

5. Encourage Their Spiritual Side

Making your children connect with the idea that they are part of something bigger than themselves is a great way to help them put things in perspective and lifts their spirits daily. Isn’t it amazing to see your little kid say a word of prayer before leaving the bed in the morning?

You can ask your kids what they prayed about each morning, this will help them develop a level of spirituality as they grow. Praying together every once in a while is the ultimate way to bring the family closer together. Well, if prayer is not just your thing then maybe reading and talking about a book with a spiritual theme is the way to go (it does not necessarily have to be religious).

6. Support Each Other

Bringing everyone starts by being there for each other when you’re needed, show up to encourage any family member having any sort of event. From dance recital to soccer game having support from the whole family, seeing them sitting or standing on the sideline and cheering or just smiling is all your kids need to understand the importance of being united.

7. Create A Family Bucket List

This can be done while kicking off a brand new year, an anniversary or just about any day, everyone should grab their paper, pen, pencils or crayons. Encourage them to create a list or have them contribute as you create one when that is done. You can simply post it somewhere that everyone can see. The big items may require savings while you can kick things off with the smaller ones – this is really exciting as everyone is part of it and it also instills a level of accomplishment when an item is actualized or achieved.

It really isn’t important what the item is, so long as you do it together it’s always worth it.

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