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Paving The Way For Growth Through Astrological Psychology


We live in a world that’s greatly divided and conflicted, much to the detriment of our minds and souls. This unhealthy dynamic has often manifested in the  disintegration of familial relationships and the unraveling of once-held-dear friendships. Seeing and sometimes personally experiencing the very loudness of egoic chest-pounding that has been happening over the past several years is unnerving and maybe even left us feeling hopeless and helpless. The world now appears to be completely burning down, totally unchecked. We’re now aware that some of this conflict is because we want to be heard and understood, and it’s been happening for eons.


“Be seen and not heard”

There’s been a repetitive and underlying message that’s been weaved into culture so greatly that it almost seems to be a mantra that’s been passed down for decades across all cultures and generations. I call it the “Be Seen and Not Heard” dictum. This ingrained axiom has affected and afflicted the world at large. And now here now we are, either screaming to be heard or shocked and repulsed by the screamers. In what field have we set up camp? Either way, it’s dysfunctional and that little phrase has come full circle while the entirety of humanity witnesses its devastating effects. How we as a species at large deal with feeling unheard remains the same but in different formats as technology has changed. It used to be the town crier that shouted in the streets. But this time, we can choose to retreat or ignore the whole world with a scroll or click rather than having to physically walk away.

I fully understand, “Be seen and not heard.” From birth, I was surrounded by soul-crushing people. It was my daily reality on all fronts. Sadly now, it’s global. But there is a way of healing, and I’ll be the first to admit that doing the work is tedious and uncomfortable without the proper tools.

There’s Good News:

One of those tools that Wake Counseling and Mediation has brought on board is psychosynthesis as developed by Roberto Assagioli (1888 – 1974), the Italian psychiatrist and pioneer in the fields of humanistic and transpersonal psychology.

Roberto Assagioli worked with Bruno and Louise Huber, Swiss psychologists and astrologers, to rigorously test and refine what is now known as Huber Astrology or Astrological Psychology. It’s a tool for self-discovery and acceptance, personal development and spiritual growth.

Astrological Psychology reveals why we can have so many distinct drives and how we can give them space to work interdependently rather than in a fragmented manner. In other words, we are finally able to listen to ourselves without judgment. This process involves acknowledgement, self-reflection and metamorphosis. Through the deep study of our natal chart, we can realize our greatest potential and work towards it, holistically and positively, knowing that we are seen and heard by the planets that are alive in each of us. They are at work and constantly weaving their purpose within so that we can live creatively, purposefully and healthfully for ourselves and future generations.

There’s Hope!

What I hope to bring to Wake Counseling and Mediation is this tried and true approach to integrative healing that complements and collaborates with traditional mental health therapies. It’s spiritual and sensible without any dogma attached to it. Through receiving personalized coaching within the foundation of Huber Astrology and psychosynthesis, we are giving ourselves a pragmatic process to vastly increase self-awareness, reduce feelings of sadness and worry and become alive with purpose. It is my greatest honor to be of service in providing an approach that speaks to all persons regardless of belief or background and pave the way for growth using psychosynthesis and astrological psychology in the greater Raleigh area.


Rhonda Williams, Psychosynthesis Astrologer

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