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7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Why Relationships Fail


Wouldn’t you like to know why even the most beautiful relationships fail?

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As humans, we all look forward to meeting that special someone who is our heart’s desire and when we finally do, the excitement and mind-blowing moments that characterize the early stages of the relationship make us wish it never comes to an end. Perhaps you may have wondered then, why a bonding between two love birds that seemed so unbreakable suddenly came to an end. Well, the purpose of this article is to provide answers to your curious thoughts.

Granted that different partners and different personalities. This implies that the reason or list of reasons that make relationship “A” fails are most likely not going to be the same that makes “B” fail. Therefore, as factual as the reasons given below are, they do not cover for or represent the whole reasons why relationships fail. They only represent some of the key reasons behind failed relationships.

Now, let’s take a look at seven key facts why relationships fail.

1. Issues Of Compatibility

Being compatible in your relationship entails you and your partner relate with respect and equality. This is something we look out for in our partners when we go into a relationship, although you may first be attracted by the looks of your partner. As the relationship grows, you begin to discover whether or not you and your partner have a lot in common. If it turns out as you must have anticipated that you both have a lot in common, then you’re compatible. But in the event where it turns out that you and your partner have different opinions about important issues and he or she has no respect for your views or opinions, then you may not be compatible and in most cases that’ll lead to relationship break-up.

2. Selfishness

In a general context, a selfish person is one who is often concerned about his or her happiness only at the expense of some else’s happiness. Similarly, in the context of a romantic relationship, being selfish implies you, desiring always to have the final word on every important issue or always desiring your opinion or needs to supersede that of your partner. However, you may possess a selfish character without even realizing it, but whether knowingly or otherwise, display of selfishness in a relationship by either partner can bring such a relationship to an end.

3. Narcissism

This is a case of mental disorder when a person’s admiration of their own physical and emotional admiration goes overboard. In other words, a person with a narcissistic personality is one who lacks the ability to empathize with others among other things. And that serves to inhibit a romantic relationship.

4. Different Goals

In some cases, while the goals of one partner may have nothing to do with the future, the other may have goals that concern the future, such as aiming to attain greater height in the society, his or her career, etc. More often than not, this difference in societal and professional goals leads to a re-evaluation of the relationship, and consequently, both partners may decide to go their separate ways.

5. Different Priorities

Granted that difficulty in creating the chance to spend time with your partner is a major challenge in relationships, but just as important is the issue of what partners choose to priorities in their relationships. For instance, while you prioritize the well-being of your relationship with your lover over socializing with friends, your partner may prioritize his or her social activities over the relationship. And when your partner fails to make amends after expressing your displeasure with his or her priority several times, the inevitable is you, opting to walk out of the relationship.

6. Sexual Differences

relationship counseling cary nc

Time and again the debate aboutthe importance of sex in a relationship have recorded splitting views. While some believe a relationship without a good sex is not worth it. There are the others who believe they can work out ways with their partners to improve their sexual lives. It may take longer for the second category of people. But either way, a poor sex life is most likely going to see an end to even the most promising relationships.

7. Trust Issues

The role of trust in a relationship can be likened to the role of a fertile soil in agriculture. While the most experienced of farmers need fertile soil to guarantee a good harvest, a promising relationship needs to be built on trust so as to enable the partners, weather the storm in times of challenges. Suffix it to say, therefore, that any relation that lacks trust can just as easily end in failure as it has begun.

And that is it, I hope you found the aforementioned quite informative. So to avoid failure in your relationship, do well to avoid any of the above possible causes. Seek professional counseling if you are struggling to recognize early warning signs or red flags during dating to prevent entering into an abusive or unhealthy relationships over and over.

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