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Apply These 10 Tips To Make Your Relationship Successful


Building a solid relationship is what everybody craves for. But having a successful relationship seems to be difficult for most people in the society. To have a good grasp on the topic, it is paramount that one understands what exactly successful relationship is.

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In simple terms, a successful relationship is a relationship that has stood up through thick and thin. OK!  With that being said, allow me the opportunity to ask you just one question. How can you achieve a successful relationship? The answer is quite simple! Just apply these 10 tips listed below, and see your relationship turn around for good.

1. Build Trust

Trust is the bedrock of love which matures with time. You need to be patient so as to accomplish trust. The truth is that trust makes you open and not hesitant in sharing your dreams, achievement, fears, worries, etc. In order to help your partner understand the real you better.  That is what trust does in building a stable, successful relationship.

 2. Be A Good Listener

You will come to agree with me that this is one big problem destroying many relationships. We want to be in control at all times, forgetting that to understand another’s point of view, you need to listen carefully. Listening births understanding which is a very important ingredient for a successful relationship.

3. Engage In A Hobby Or Activity Together

To gain happiness and satisfaction in your relationship, you need to work on something that can increase your bond like board games, watching movies, house painting, etc. More so, talk to your spouse about your expectations and requirements in a relationship. Ask your partner questions jokingly in a calm tone if there is any area he or she needs to see an adjustment or improvement. Question and activities like this go a long way in making your bond stronger.

4. Gesture Of Love

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Compliment goes the extra mile than vague verbal pats on the back. It helps to reinforce a real connection with your partner. Never in your lifetime, hesitate to give a warm hug or kiss to your partner. It gives a calm feeling even when they are angry.

5. Maintaining Financial Peace

This is one of the reasons, many homes are broken today, that the other earns higher shouldn’t bring silly quarrels and contempt. There should be humility as money can bring disagreements between couples. Stop the attitude and work on yourself. Do not ruin your relationship with receipt and records of who paid for what.

6. Create A Special Feeling

It is good to try new things. Make your life an adventurous one with your partner by planning a romantic dinner, go camping, etc. Learn to take out time from the piled busy schedule to spend quality time with your partner. It solidifies your relationship thereby making it a successful one.

7. Be Supportive

Always motivate your spouse in good and bad times. Give them strength by being supportive in their worst weakest moments and appreciate them as well in their achievement. This is one area that has been overlooked by so many individuals which have resulted in different broken relationship. Be supportive and motivate your spouse today and build a stronger successful relationship.

8. Apologize

The keyword to winning the heart of your partner is the ability to say I am sorry every single moment you falter in action and character. If you made a mistake or did wrong, and requires you saying “I am sorry”. Just say it from the bottom of your heart and release yourself from that burden.

9. Space

There is an ego in every human likewise a child.  Every individual needs some alone time or needs to grab a drink with a friend to reminisce the good old days. As partners, for you to have a successful relationship, you should respect your spouse feeling. Do not try to put an end to your partner’s friendship with other people.

10. Respect

Finally, never hurt each other by using unkind words. Learn to be patient. You can never fall in love in an instant and expect it to last. A successful relationship requires loads of practice and patience. You need to understand that the pendulum will swing as it is not always about milk and honey in a relationship. But when that time comes, application of the 10 tips mentioned above will help you stay strong and above waters.

According to Dr. Tina Tessina (Ph.D.), author of Money, Sex, and Kids; the most important element of making a relationship work is team work. Avoid playing tug of war with each other as it won’t get you anywhere. Like the acronyms that say “United we stand, divided we fall. “You can accomplish anything as partners. Take for example the passion in supporting your team in sports. All of that delight, enthusiasm, joy, friends, etc. You exhibit for the good team. Why not bring a little of that spirit to your relationship and see it soar successfully like the eagle. Always remember that mistakes happen as nobody is perfect. It is better to clear the air lest a small mistake yields a big argument.

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