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What It Feels Like To Live With Anxiety Disorder


Today, it is no secret that anxiety is a common condition and studies have shown that 18% of the entire United States population suffers from anxiety. If you have or had ever experienced the nightmarish feeling of anxiety. Or perhaps you know someone who has, then you will have to agree with me that the worst case scenario of anxiety isn’t something you would wish anyone to experience. Paraventure you are one of the few who haven’t experienced the condition, then with all pleasure permit me to bring you up to speed.

The feeling of anxiety is one that can come calling at just about any time. You can experience it moments before that difficult exam you want to sit for or while trying to finally do that big presentation you’ve taken time to prepare for or while thinking about regular day to day activities etc.

You might want to say; if this is the case then anxiety isn’t really a big deal. Yes, you are right! However, it turns into a huge problem when it aggravates to a disorder commonly diagnosed as “Anxiety Disorder.”

Since the majority of us experience the feeling of anxiety one way or the other, when then can it be considered or diagnosed as a disorder?

Anxiety can be considered to be a disorder when it gives you a crippling feeling of fear and worry. In other words, it can be said you are suffering from “anxiety disorder” when your fears and worries inhibit you from living your life like any other functioning person. And according to experts, anxiety covers four major aspects which are physical tension, mental apprehension, dissociative anxiety, symptoms and physical signs.

Let me point out at this juncture that, the different symptoms of anxiety disorder are classified into two categories which are physical and emotional.

Some examples of the symptoms of anxiety are – shortness of breath, diaphoresis and nausea, muscle tension, fatigue and headaches, upset stomach or frequent urination, etc.

Ever wondered if anxiety condition can be treated? The straightforward answer is yes it can. For anxiety disorder to be treated, first off you need to identify the cause of the condition and to achieve this, you have to be willing to attend anxiety counseling sessions with a counselor or a psychotherapist. You can rest assured that upon attending a couple of anxiety counseling sessions, the cause of the problem or condition can be identified. Next step is for your anxiety counselor to guide you in developing a solution or ways through which you can deal with your worries and problems.

Taking a quick recap of everything we have talked about above, you will notice we haven’t really talked about the topic of this piece. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what it really feels like to live with anxiety disorder, shall we?

1. The Crippling Fear Of Loud Noises

It isn’t uncommon for anxiety disorder patient to be terrified by the deep, loud sound of the thunder which continues for some time. Or to see people who are uncharacteristically as humans, scared of sudden obnoxious noises such as fireworks, drums, and any other thing which suddenly activates the stress sensors of their bodies. Such persons are living with an anxiety disorder, and any form of noise which takes them unawares can send shivers down their spines.

2. Difficulty To Be In The Midst Of Large Crowds

As surprising as this may sound to you, people suffering from anxiety disorder find it difficult being in the midst of large crowds. Whenever they find themselves in that situation, they gradually begin to develop an uneasy feeling which starts from their chest and eventually threatens to squeeze the life out of them. Such crowds include those at concerts, sporting events, parades and any form of activity that attracts mass interest. All things being equal, anxiety disorders patient would love the experience of being among the crowd, but their condition ensures they see such crowded events as being unsafe for them to take part in.


3. Inability To Sleep Or Eat At Will

One common feeling experienced by anxiety disorder patients is that of their inability to sleep or eat at will. When they finally do manage to find some sleep, they find themselves being hunted by the effects of the disorder or problem and their sleep is brought to an unwanted end. These side effects could be those resulting from the pills you take as an anxiety disorder patient or from the aching of your muscles caused by the disorder. Most people struggling with anxiety disorder will also notice changes in their appetite causing weight loss or other physical symptoms. It is important to consult with your physician if you are starting to notice physical symptoms.

In conclusion, I would say that anxiety disorder is a very unpleasant and traumatizing condition for anyone to experience. However, there are possible treatment for anxiety disorder through counseling, meditation, and medication management. So, in the event you find yourself or any of your loved ones experiencing this condition, do not hesitate to  consult with a counselor or psychotherapist trained in treating anxiety.

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