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5 Tips To Set Boundaries To Stop Electronics Obsession Among Children


What is your take on your child’s relationship with electronics? Healthy or unhealthy? As harmless as this subject might seem, it is one causing parents a lot of concern around the world today. And as a therapist, I happen to have encountered quite a number of child “electronic obsession” related issues. This is an indication that more and more of our kids are getting obsessed with electronic devices every day and this is increasingly affecting the kids negatively according to findings made by researchers. These negative impacts include sleep-related issues, lack of concentration, irritability and so on.

Suffice it to say therefore that, the electronic obsession among children today, is an unhealthy relationship with different known and unknown consequences. The question on the lips of most parents today is how can I solve or prevent my child or children from being obsessed with electronics?

If you happen to be one of such parents, then the tips I’ll be sharing below will sure be of help to you.

1. Set Time Limit

Specify how much time your child get to spend on or with electronic devices, and you can do this by drawing up some sort of timetable. This timetable should have such specifications as no TV watching during mealtime, homework time, siesta time and so on.

2. Be A Good Example

The best way to implement a law or policy is for you who implemented the policy or who is the head of the group to always abide by the rules. So as a parent, you must do more than setting a time limit for your child. You should be the first to obey the laid down rules and this way, you will be setting a good example for your child to emulate. So no matter how tempted you are to watch a TV program when your kids might have gone to bed or open your mail on your mobile device, do all you can to abide by the rules. In doing so, you would be saving yourself the trouble of having to contend with a guilty conscience and also making it lot easier for your child to obey the rules.

3. Your Child’s Bedroom Should Be Free Of Electronic Gadgets

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This is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory. You should restrict or completely prohibit your child from using devices such as PCs, smart phones, etc., and ensure there is no TV set in his or her room. You must do all you can to make your child understand the reason(s) for such actions by telling him or her for instance that – this will enable them to subject his or her mind and body to the needed amount of bed rest required for a person to stay physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy.

4. Opt For Limited Internet Plans

Rather than subscribe for unlimited internet access that will enable your child to spend a whole lot of time online doing just about anything such as downloading or watching dirty clips online. Rather, opt for an appropriate monthly prepaid plan and do well to let your child in on the reason for your action as this will make him or her comply willingly.

5. Create A Balance Between The Productive Use Of Electronic Devices And Time Spent

According to recent studies, your child can actually develop vital skills such as social skills, language skills, etc., by being actively engaged with electronic devices. Therefore, do well to ensure your child spend half the time he or she is allowed to spend time on or with electronic devices studying eBooks and watching programs that he or she can benefit from educationally.

It is no longer news that we are living in an electronic world which has seen parents strive even harder to ensure their children lack nothing. The news, however, is that this electronic world has brought about a radical shift in culture which now requires radical parenting measures from parents. Therefore, as a parent, ensure to create a balance between the time your child spend on electronic activities and real-time activities.

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