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Overcoming A Negative Relationship Through Counseling


It’s hard to talk about, but many have been victims of negative or abusive relationships with family members or significant others. Whether your last relationship ended badly or you endured abuse throughout, it takes time and effort to heal those mental and emotional scars. If you struggle with the aftermath of a negative relationship, understand that you don’t have to struggle alone. A counselor can help you come out the other side. Read on to learn how.

It’s Not Your Fault

Many who have recently exited negative relationships blame themselves for the demise of an important bond. Similarly, abusive partners and family members make a habit of blaming others for the damage they inflict. Although their manipulation may persuade you, you must remember that an abusive relationship is not your fault. Counselors understand this dynamic and will help you to overcome your guilt.

Domestic Violence is Never Okay

Victims of domestic violence commonly repress or downplay the abuse they have experienced. Habitual abusers work very hard to ensure their victims do just that, but counselors will help you challenge those irrational thoughts, so you are not to dismiss or minimize your past traumas. Those who have suffered incidents of domestic violence often struggle to trust others. Counselors work with victims of domestic violence in overcoming those fears.

Building Healthy Relationships

If you’ve been in abusive relationships in the past, counselors can not only help you move on from those relationships, they can also help you focus on building healthy relationships in the future. Some abuse victims gravitate toward the same people who abused them or find themselves getting close with similar personalities.

When you work with a counselor, the two of you can work together to break your dependency on toxic relationships and keep the company of those who respect you.

Don’t Give Up Hope

Severe anxiety and depression are common consequences of an abusive or negative relationship. If these conditions result in physical symptoms or prevent you from living your daily life, a therapist can assist you get back in working order. If the road ahead seems too dark, a counselor can guide you forward!

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