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Mens Mental Health – How To Overcome Emotions During A Divorce


Life can be anything for men trying to cope with divorce depending on the situation of their marriage. While to some it can be a relief, to others it can be terribly sad, stressful or depressing.

Of course, the divorce of every man is personal and different, but all men experiencing or going through divorce are most likely going to suffer from depression one way or another.

Although women are mostly the ones to file for divorce or initiate the process. Men still encounter difficulties moving on, even in cases when they initiated the divorce process.

Why the reason may differ from one individual to the other, the common cause could be major changes in their life. Such changes may include possible separation from their kids, anger towards their ex-spouse, the sad feeling of loneliness and so on.

It is true many may think that men are tough enough to cope with the emotional challenges that come with divorce. But studies have shown that contrary to such misconception, men find it more difficult acclimatizing to emotional situations than women.

So why do men especially seem to struggle with emotional situations like divorce?

Now, as with every good thing, shouldn’t the loss of a wife cause a man some pain or make him struggle?

Ask any career person or if you are one yourself, then you will have to agree with me that the task of maintaining a career can be quite challenging.

For most men, however, they still find themselves needing to keep their careers on track even after separation and divorce. Also, they still have to honor divorce agreement and arrange time to be with their kids even when they are still grieving their failed marriage.

Now tell me, wouldn’t you be surprised if such men do not struggle with life after divorce?

Most men while still in union with their ex barely have enough time to spend sufficient time with their kids as they try to maintain their careers. After of the divorce, they find it uneasy acclimatizing to such parenting duties.

But they are left with no other choice than to try and adjust. Eventually, such tasks like cleaning and cooking that would have meant nothing to the other parent become a big deal and pose a huge challenge.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the feelings men may develop after divorce, it is important they find a way to carry on with life after divorce.

The good news is, there are several strategies that can help divorced men overcome depression and move on with their lives after divorce.

Below are three tried and tested ways men can overcome the challenges of coping with divorce:

1. Talking To Other People

Men often face the social stigma that discourage them from expressing their feelings and thoughts. As the popular saying goes; “a problem shared is half solved”. Talking with others can help you heal from the emotional challenge you are facing as a result of being divorced.

So, you should learn to talk to friends and families who care about you; you can begin by discussing about the divorce with them.

Getting the thoughts of the divorce off your chest will lessen your burden. Once you’re done expressing your feelings, you can move to talking about other random things.

Initially, such conversations will serve as a way of getting your mind off the painful realization of being divorced. But eventually, they turn into normal discussion as the need to distract your mind dies away.

2. Refrain Yourself From Going Into Alcoholism

It is easy for men to adopt alcoholic life when they are experiencing emotional challenges or going through a difficult phase in life.

But the question is, does alcohol help in overcoming emotional challenges? The answer is never.

So while friends may pressure you to turn to alcohol, do not forget that alcohol is only a depressant.

Refrain from it, nurture self-love, exercise regularly, eat well and you will be amazed at how quickly it will be for you to overcome the emotional challenges of coping with divorce.

3. Resist Every Temptation Of Going Back To The Kind Of Life You Live Before You Got Married

While it is true that your marriage to your ex has failed, being a married man might have had some positive influence on you. It may have helped you grow from being a mere man into a more mature and classy man.

The last thing you should do is go back to your old classless way of life. That way, you will never be able to overcome the emotional challenges of your divorce. Rather, focusing on how to become a much better man could help you find happiness again.

While the above strategies can be very effective, you still require some professional help to put you on the right track.

Our therapists at are well trained and highly skilled to help you find the best ways of preventing the emotional challenges of divorce from getting the better of you.

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